Canadian Dawah Conference

Abdullah Al-Andalusi

Are We Having the Right Debate?

Discussion of the UIAW lecture as well as his experience being a professional debater and his journey moving towards education and the need for that and how it’s a form of dawah that we need now more than ever and is this where organizations should be leaning towards, away from winning points and more towards winning the hearts and minds of their community.

Sh. Mohamed Yaffa

Has Islamophobia Paralysed Us From Being Practical?

A deep dive discussion about Islamophobia, it’s history, it’s role and what’s needed to overcome it and all things in between.

MSA Session: The Real Sisters ??? In Chat

MSA’s across Canada discuss issues most pertinent to the Musslimah of the 21st century.
Panel Discussion:

Sh. Abdirrahman Murad

The Fault lines of Fiqh, Fundamentals and Islamic Fraternity

A deep dive into the true understanding of the life and traditions of the Prophet pbuh and it’s inherent balance and integration of all aspects of his life. How we can learn from that moving forward and overcome the frustrations that have become wedge issues in fulfilling our brotherhood and fraternity. Forging a road map forward to fortify our unity upon the truth.

Sh. Dawud Walid

Blackness in Islam: Islam’s True Black History

How these have manifested to our current realities and the way forward through discussion, knowledge and understanding of Islam’s true stance on race and true history with its black nobility.

Bonus Session:

  • The Importance of Studying Islamic History by Anan Rasheed
  • The Importance of Consistency in the Dawah by Br. Ali Dawah
  • Brother Session: Special Guest Abu Toba
  • Wrestling the Identity of the Muslim Man So That We Can Soar Like Eagles Into the Future Going Beyond Khabib
  • A Uighur Community Action Plan: Special Guest Dr. Salman Butt & Br. Subboor