Canadian Dawah Conference: Dawah is Our Cure!

January 26
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The Third Annual Canadian Dawah Conference (CDC) is making a return to Edmonton! CDC is Jam packed with Speakers from across the globe who will bring their knowledge, experience, discussion, and motivation for all of us to benefit from inshaAllah.

Benefit from 5 of the world’s best English-speaking experts in the field of Islamic development and Dawah. A packed day of inspiring lectures will serve as a means to empower you, your family members and Edmonton’s growing Muslim population, giving them a strong sense of confidence in their identities and Islamic way of life.

The presentations will confront the most destructive issues affecting our communities socially and intellectually, especially our youth and map our the solutions to these challenges.

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Check out the gallery from our conference held in 2019 in EDMONTON, CANADA.

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Each of our professional speakers brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and speaking styles. Our goal is to unite us in dawah, bring the community together, and to impart the beneficial enthusiasm for Islam needed in our current time.


Ibn Iqbal


Sh. Mohamed



Sh. Dawud



Ustadh Abdullah



Br. Dilly


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ARCA Banquet Facility

14525 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 0B3, Canada

Main venue

ARCA Banquet Facility


14525 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 0B3, Canada



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Check out the gallery from our conference.

December 3, 2019

Looking at the news today can be an extremely difficult and heartbreaking process, especially as a Muslim and seeing the extreme horrors and tragedies that are befalling our brothers and sisters worldwide, while in general there is still an overall hatred and distrust of us and our deen. The state of the Muslims in Xinjiang is, […]

November 18, 2019

At the same time, a group of a small number of Muslims that had embraced Islam in Madinah started to worry and decided to extend their support in whatever way possible. It was Jaabir ibn Abdullah (ra) who describes the immense concern of the Muslims in Madinah when he exclaims, “For how long will we […]

November 4, 2019

Human beings experience a range of emotions in their daily lives – from happiness to sadness to anger to shame and so on. With these emotional experiences, we often hear discussions of whether such an emotion is good or bad, desirable or to be avoided. For example, broader society often views anger as a negative […]


We work with a range of partners who like us, are passionate about building a smarter, more caring Ummah.

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