Abu Taubah

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY in 1388 Hijri. A USMC Veteran. He is a traditional student of knowledge who comes from a family of recognized scholars. He has studied in various places around the world, the most famous of them being Makkah, Mauritanian, Senegal, and Egypt. He is a Haafidz Ul-Quran with Ijaazah to teach the ten Qiraa-ah from Shaykh Uthmaan Khaan. Ijaazah in the six books of the Sunan, the Muwattah of Imam Malik, and the Sunan of add-daarimi. He also holds Ijaazaat in the classical Usool. He is the Education Director of Timbuktu Seminary and spends his days and nights teaching students from all corners of the world.



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